SILVER CHIC  is conceived as a fashion collection, inspired by the glamour and elegance of the most fascinating icons of the golden age of cinema. It is a homage to nostalgia’s magic and dreams.The apotheosis of this homage can be found in the coloristic punctiform vivacity of “PROUST II”, associated conceptually with the PROUST armchair designed by Alessandro Mendini. Designe are inspired by the world of couture - from chalk-stripes, hound’s tooth and classic tartan to herringbone - with marked contrasts between the materials - from woolly fabrics to the softest ones with their precious SILVER threads.
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PROUST II - “It is better to dream life than to live it, although to live it is still to dream it”
( “La recherche du temp perdu” by Marcel Proust)

Alessandro Mendini in his private house on PROUST II - (

Milan Design Week - collection Silver Chic +  Mario Dice fashion design pret-a-porter


“DE LUX LOFT” - “You’re just not convincing, John. You’re like an American character in an English movie” (”to catch a thief” by Alfred Hitchcock)


“CHARLIE” - “Who is that terribly attractive man?” (Philadelphia Story” by George Cukor)